Rune Sets



If you are new to the Runes, I guarantee that you will fall in love with their qualities of clarity, comfort, insight, and wisdom. So come with me as we walk together though the clear beauty of this ancient art, and let us solve the the greatest mystery of all – how to guide the human heart.

The Rune meanings are unique to their symbols and hold their own vibration.

Select a Rune below to learn more about its meaning and origin.

Many methods of Rune casting in use today do not help people who want to fully experience the thrilling mysteries and joys that are born of working with the Runes. I spent years and years of Rune casting for others. Some simple, basic principles kept appearing in the readings I gave all around the world. They seemed to be at odds with the conventional wisdom – but they could not be ignored. Here they are:

There is no reverse in Rune casting. The particular way you pick up the Rune stone is irrelevant to its meaning.

When casting, always pick from a complete set of Runes. Each Rune should be placed back into the bag before the next Rune is chosen.

These Rune casting methods are rooted in tradition, then go one crucial step further. Try them, and you will be astonished at how clearly you get answers to many of your toughest questions! They can make your Rune casting flow more clearly and more brilliantly.

You can purchase a set of Runes on my website. Or if you want to make your own set of Runes, I have explained how to do this in my book Be Your Own Psychic Through Rune Casting.