Ansuz = Unclear Love

Ansuz is a messenger Rune and whether it brings good or bad knowledge, you still must treat it as a gift. Use the Rune as a “wake-up call.” Take a good look at whatever situation is being considered. Ansuz is often picked at a time of trouble in your love life or other personal relationships.

There is often a feeling of wasted motion, of overwhelming obstacles, which seem impossible to escape or overcome. Have faith, YOU WILL.

Outcomes that you may have hoped for will not occur. Not all opportunities are for you. And yet, what seem like obstacles will actually rematerialize as opportunities. The message is clear: Your life ahead holds new connections, unexpected links that will direct you onto new pathways. The change, as always, has to come from within you. So, examine the old beliefs you are holding onto, and do not be afraid to let them go.

Because Ansuz is a messenger Rune, it is important to look at why you are picking it and what other Runes you have picked along with it. Your life will often be in transition when you pick it. If you are prepared to take a chance, there are great opportunities for the taking. When you draw this Rune, expect the unexpected: A call to a new life. Remember, sometimes in order to go forward, you might need to let go of something from the past.

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