Nauthiz = Constraint

This is the sign of constraint – a feeling of constraint is in your life or whatever issue you were thinking about when you picked this Rune. Nauthiz is asking you to stop and think about what is going in your life and perhaps to reconsider your plans carefully. Look to the dark side of your nature. This Rune reflects the negative side of your character (don’t worry, we all have one), including your weaknesses. Do not shy away from these feelings. When you look at the constraint in your life, smile. Nauthiz is trying to educate you.

Constraint can also be brought about by simply having to wait for time to pass. Sometimes you make a decision and a period of time must pass for the situation to come to fruition.

Patience is not one of my virtues and I often feel constraint waiting for a period of time to pass. Constraint can be brought on either by yourself or by situations outside of your control. It is how we deal with the constraint that is important. If this Rune appears in a spread, it will point out the problem in your life. You might want to take another look at the current situation or plans if Nauthiz appears. This Rune presents a very clear message – there is something that is holding you back in whatever you were seeking in the Rune spread.

By receiving this warning, you have a chance to take the high road to solve the problem. One word of caution: Do not let it release the unattractive side of your nature.