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Jewelry with Meaning

Iva Winton Japa Collection
Iva Winton Japa Collection
Chakra Japa Meditation Rings by Iva Winton

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Iva Winton's Hand Casted Jewelry Mold

About Iva Winton’s Hand Casted Jewelry

The journey of a piece in Iva’s line starts with a pumped wax that is then transformed through the casting process into the metal that is going to be. The metals used are of the highest quality, and are also ethically sourced so you don’t have to worry about the humanitarian impact when purchasing a piece. Once cast, the piece is then assembled and polished with attention to detail being the focus. Lots of love and energy goes into creating each piece with the end result being a beautiful adornment that you will cherish for years. Iva’s and Steves studio is located in Grass Valley, CA.

Iva Winton Jewelry Designer