Raido Rune Meaning and Symbolism

Raido Rune meaning and symbolism

This Rune indicates your relationship to your spiritual self. Seek the answers within you. Once you have thoroughly searched yourself for the answers, don’t just sit and wait for the knock on the door! Take those answers to town and open yourself up to the possibilities. Raido is also the Rune that puts you on your guard. Be especially aware during meetings, visits, chance encounters, particularly with persons you deem wiser than yourself.

It symbolizes invisible antenna sensitized to meeting new people who will link you to new avenues.

Raido brings you to the realization of just how many choices there are in the world. It’s finding the correct partners and path that takes some doing. Take your time. Raido’s power will eventually bring you to self-awareness and . . .new connections.

Raido Runic Symbol

Other Names: Rad; Raidho; Reidh, Rit, Radio.

*Raidō “ride, journey” is the reconstructed Proto-Germanic name of the r– rune of the Elder Futhark . The name is attested for the same rune in all three rune poems, Old Norwegian Ræið Icelandic Reið, Anglo-Saxon Rad, as well as for the corresponding letter of the Gothic alphabet 𐍂 r, called raida. The shape of the rune may be directly derived from Latin R.

Other popular Raido Rune meanings

The Raido Rune has many meanings to the one casting the runes. As you continue to cast your own runes, you will see that each symbol will carry it’s own special meaning to you. Furthermore, here are some other popular Raido Rune meanings.

Raido Rune Meaning according to Ralph Blum – “Communication – Union, Reunion”

Ralph Blum believed this Rune is concerned with communication. “With the attunement of something that has two sides, two elements, and with the ultimate reunion that comes at the end of the journey, when what is above and what is below are united and of one mind. Raido represents the soul’s journey and has within it the element of joy, for the end is in sight. No longer burdened by what you’ve left behind, Heaven and Earth unite within you to support you on your way. A simple prayer for the soul’s journey is: I will to will Thy will.”  – Ralph BlumThe New Book of Runes

Raido according to Rune Secrets – “Ride-ho” – Literally: “Ride” or “Wagon” – Esoteric: Journey

“Raidho is the rune of ordered movement of energies in time and space as it pertains to human awareness. It is the rune of leading by example and of actions that speak louder than words. Though ANSUZ may tell the stories, Raidho lives the stories. It represents our deepest personal life journey and the ultimate failures of language to communicate our experience to others. Something to notice about Raidho is the habitual way in which our minds concoct story and identity”.- From the Rune Secrets

Elder Futhark Raido Rune Meaning – “Journey, travel, a wagon, a cartwheel, the Cosmic Chariot, the Wheel of Stars, transportation, a path or road”.

Futhark believed Raido rune is the fifth rune of the first aett. “This rune represents the path of a person’s life and how it interacts and intersects with other people’s lifepaths. This rune also shows us the properties of movement and cause and effect – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” – From The Elder Futhhark Runes

How to Cast Runes

There are many ways to cast The Runes. They are here to help you find your inner truths, your intuition, your sixth sense. The more you use them, the more they will become a comfort to you. Think of them as your best friend or guardian angel. The message from the Runes is always simple and clear. For a complete guide on how to Be Your Own Psychic Through Rune Casting, you can purchase my book and Rune Card Set.

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