Rune Symbols and Meanings

Rune Symbols and Meanings

A single rune symbol is very powerful!

The Rune symbols and meanings are unique. Rune symbols had meaning before the time of words. No wonder their message is simple, and powerful. I wish I could impart the meaning of each symbol to you without having to use the filter of words. I’m sure that after awhile you will absorb their meaning that exists beyond the words.

Rune Meanings and Symbols

Each symbol will have a powerful simple clear message uniquely for you. The Runes will point you in the right direction. Additionally, you will be able to trust in your own ability and responsibility to find your own happiness.

The Runic Alphabet

The Rune alphabet’s specific origins are murky. Consisting of lines that were easily carved into wood or stone, it became one of the earliest known writing systems. Today’s best scholarly research holds that the Runic Alphabet evolved around 200 BC from a North Etruscan, Alpine alphabet. The symbols appear to have had several separate uses at the same time -ranging from record-keeping to language to divination.

There are many signs and symbols (these being synchronistic events) that will guide you along to the correct path. If you have the ability to see the synchronistic events in your life, all will lead you to your correct destiny. The Runes will help you to recognize and make these choices.

It may take time to hear that inner voice, but the Runes and you will make great discoveries together. Be kind to yourself. People have to learn at their own pace All it takes is a little time, a little thought, and a little patience. No path is the same.

The Runes allow you time and space in which to think out any situation. In fact, over the years I have watched the Runes help so many people in developing a relationship with their own inner selves, and consequently, they have become more confident and trusting.

Select a rune symbol below to learn more about its meaning.

Berkana Rune Meaning – Personal Growth

Berkana Rune meaning and symbolism Berkana is the Rune of major growth and change particularly in relationships both with other people and with yourself. This Rune will take you into the dark corners of your soul and psyche so that you can examine yourself, your motives, and your needs. Some of this self-awareness will be uncomfortable, but you should not avoid it. I promise, it will be worth it!! We all carry a lot of personal baggage around with us. When you get an opportunity to work on some of these issues with the help of [...]

Jera Rune Meaning – Harvest “Period of a Year”

Jera Rune meaning and symbolism A period of one year is at hand. You cannot make time pass or make it pass more quickly. There are no quick results, and patience is important. Jera offers the encouragement that success is possible in your life if you just continue to persevere. When Jera appears, you have already begun your course. It is a strong confirmation that you are on the right path. Success is inevitable. Just let it all unfold. This is the only Rune that indicates a specific time period to reach an end. All things [...]

Eihwaz Rune Meaning – Adverse Situations, To Make Things Happen

Eiwaz Rune meaning and symbolism Be aware-we can create our own adverse situations at times. Adverse situations enable us to grow, and change. When we are younger change occurs more easily. As we get older and become comfortable with our life patterns, our own dramas sometimes force us to move on. Personal growth also occurs when we pick Eihwaz. When choosing this Rune, a major change is indicated. The ability to foresee consequences before you act is the mark of a thinking person. Persevere – the change will be for the better. Eihwaz is the symbol [...]

Nauthiz Rune Meaning – Constraint

Nauthiz Rune meaning and symbolism Nauthiz rune is the sign of constraint – a feeling of constraint is in your life or whatever issue you were thinking about when you picked this Rune. Nauthiz is asking you to stop and think about what is going in your life and perhaps to reconsider your plans carefully. Look to the dark side of your nature. This Rune reflects the negative side of your character (don’t worry, we all have one), including your weaknesses. Do not shy away from these feelings. When you look at the constraint in your life, smile. [...]

Raido Rune Meaning Awareness

Raido Rune meaning and symbolism This Rune indicates your relationship to your spiritual self. Seek the answers within you. Once you have thoroughly searched yourself for the answers, don’t just sit and wait for the knock on the door! Take those answers to town and open yourself up to the possibilities. Raido is also the Rune that puts you on your guard. Be especially aware during meetings, visits, chance encounters, particularly with persons you deem wiser than yourself. It symbolizes invisible antenna sensitized to meeting new people who will link you to new avenues. Raido brings [...]

Fehu Rune Meaning – Unlcear Direction

Fehu Rune meaning and symbolism Fehu often appears when you have too many choices or options. You feel divided, splintered in your energies. The Fehu rune tells you that you are in conflict – mostly within yourself. Something is built into your psyche that drives you to always try to test yourself. You push yourself in one direction, then another. Your philosophy could best be expressed as “the grass is always greener,” but, then, sometimes it is. It is natural to question your needs, desires, and direction. The choosing of this Rune is directing you to [...]

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How to Use Rune Cards

How to Use Rune Cards Transcript: Today I'm going to show you how to use the deck of Rune Cards in casting. So here's my beautiful box. I wanted to create a box it was like a Keepsake, so you your cards could live. In the very top here's the book which we'll go through and here is the inside of the box. I always say there's no point in having these inner voices if you don't use them. Then I close this so here were the runes I just want to zoom in to show you how beautiful the [...]

How to Make Your Own Set of Runes

How to Make Your Own Set of Runes Learn how to make your own Runes Transcript: Today we're going to learn how to make your own set of runes. There's many ways you can find your own stones which I'm going to show you or you can also find some at a stone shop. Today we are going to make our set of runes out of  these little mother of pearl and they're beautiful. So what I do is here is from my Rune book but these are little excerpts every time you buy a piece of jewelry it comes [...]

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Perth Rune Meaning Unclear Communication

Perth Rune meaning and symbolism This is the Rune of questioning, one of unclear communication. Making this pick usually occurs at a time when you are feeling overwhelmed by things. There may be problems or obstructions in various aspects of your life. Free yourself by using your voice. Speak up. You are not being heard. You need to communicate more clearly at this time; maybe you are not listening. Speak the truth and don’t add to the confusion that already exists. People need to know what you really are thinking. Never assume people know your thoughts. [...]

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Uruz Rune Meaning Clear Gateway

Uruz rune meaning and symbolism Uruz is the sign of the Ox - strong and direct. This Rune means strength. The Rune of letting go and new beginnings. Uruz does not come up that often. When it does, look for a new and wonderful beginning that you can enter through a clear and open gate. In order for this to happen, you must examine everything that has brought you to where you are at present. Look at it and let it go, then step through the gateway. Most people tend to pick this Rune when they [...]

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