Hagalaz = Disruption

Think stormy weather-but remember the storm does not last forever. At the end, there are beautiful sunny days. When picking this Rune expect disruption. It will be trouble of your own making, which you DO have the power to change. The change can be physical or emotional, such as a change of attitude. This disruption could be in any aspect of your life. Use your inner strength to carry you through a time when you feel everything you have taken for granted is being challenged. Take heart, you will make it through and you will be stronger for making the journey. Great things often come after picking Hagalaz! Your soul always grows the most after Hagalaz passes through.

Hagalaz always appears before or during ANYTHING HAPPENS IN YOUR LIFE! Take this as a sign of movement.

P.S. Remember disruption can appear in many different forms: moving house, having a baby, getting married, taking a new job, and so on. It does not necessarily have to be negative. Happy things and events have their share of disruption too.