Rune Cards – Box Set with Rune Cards & Guideook


Since time immemorial, the Runes have been used by people to understand aspects of their lives past, present, and future. When man first made a mark on a stone… this was your first rune . Runic alphabets are a study of Man and Language.

Iva Winton has been casting Runes since 1985. Her self-published Booklet/Rune sets and her unique methods of casting have been enlightening all those with whom she has come into contact.

A 32 page book accompanies all Rune Jewelry entitled “Secrets of the Runes”. An expanded version of the booklet called “Be Your Own Psychic Through Rune Casting” is available in our Rune Cards Box Set.

Rune Pendants

Rune Pendants, Runic Symbols & Meanings

Rune Necklaces

Rune Necklaces by Iva Winton

Rune Sets

Rune Sets, Runic Symbols & Meanings

Rune Bracelets

Rune Bracelets, Runic Symbols & Meanings