Mannaz = Gateway of Joy

This is the gateway to joy, a great stone of light and goodness. It is a positive sign, and you can trust it. If you pick Mannaz, it demonstrates that you have confidence to pass through the gateway and happiness will follow. This Rune symbolizes a passing through a channel or tunnel of happiness. Be careful not to immerse yourself in the happiness – remember to keep balanced. If you are unable to see the joyful gateway, it is because you are afraid. It is our fears and inadequacies that hold us back from fulfilling our dreams. Never be afraid to be happy. Look at this stone again…if you cut it straight down the middle you get the Rune Wunjo, which means joy. Joy always means light; you cannot have happiness in the dark (metaphorically speaking).

Mannaz is offering you a double dose. Have the courage, take that great step forward.

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