Gebo = The Self

This Rune indicates a partnership with oneself. It signifies a healthy spirit, one that is in harmony with the world around it. Your Yin and Yang are in balance. Gebo is the rune that stands for the self and the freedom that a person finds within when he or she is a healthy, well-balanced, and grounded individual. Such a people can objectively look at their lives and assess their own strengths and weaknesses.

A balanced partnership with oneself could ultimately lead to a partnership with other people. Gebo is also a confirmation of your strength. This stone shows you are strong at the center of you (symbolized where the two lines cross at the heart of the X). This is a sign that you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Gebo can be applied to love and business relationships, contracts, or partnerships of any kind. The only way these relationships could fail after choosing Gebo is if the other person is not clear and balanced as you. But when you are thinking of making a deal or a commitment, the chances are the deal or commitment will be successful. Consider the selection of this Rune as a gift of freedom to make choices in your life with full confidence.

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