Iva Winton Japa Collection


A Japa is a repetition of your Mantra. The Eastern Cultures use this ring to lead the wearer into meditation. The rings have seven bumps on them with which you can orbit around your fingers. Sometimes the ring needs to be brought over your knuckle for a super twirl.

I fell in love with the ring at first sight and then touch. So I decided to make beautiful Japa meditation rings in two widths. Also a bead and bangle bracelet followed making up the Japa Collection.

Chakra Japa Meditation Rings by Iva Winton

Japa Rings

Iva Winton Japa Meditation Rings

Japa Beads

Meditation Japa Beads by Iva Winton

Japa Bangle

Meditation Japa Bangle Bracelet by Iva Winton Jewelry