Rune Symbols and Meanings

A single rune symbol is very powerful!

The Rune symbols and meanings are unique. Rune symbols had meaning before the time of words. No wonder their message is simple, and powerful. I wish I could impart the meaning of each symbol to you without having to use the filter of words. I’m sure that after awhile you will absorb their meaning that exists beyond the words.

Rune Meanings and Symbols

Each symbol will have a powerful simple clear message uniquely for you. The Runes will point you in the right direction. Additionally, you will be able to trust in your own ability and responsibility to find your own happiness.

The Runic Alphabet

The Rune alphabet’s specific origins are murky. Consisting of lines that were easily carved into wood or stone, it became one of the earliest known writing systems. Today’s best scholarly research holds that the Runic Alphabet evolved around 200 BC from a North Etruscan, Alpine alphabet. The symbols appear to have had several separate uses at the same time -ranging from record-keeping to language to divination.

There are many signs and symbols (these being synchronistic events) that will guide you along to the correct path. If you have the ability to see the synchronistic events in your life, all will lead you to your correct destiny. The Runes will help you to recognize and make these choices.

It may take time to hear that inner voice, but the Runes and you will make great discoveries together. Be kind to yourself. People have to learn at their own pace All it takes is a little time, a little thought, and a little patience. No path is the same.

The Runes allow you time and space in which to think out any situation. In fact, over the years I have watched the Runes help so many people in developing a relationship with their own inner selves, and consequently, they have become more confident and trusting.

Select a rune symbol below to learn more about its meaning.

Mannaz Rune Meaning – Gateway of Joy

Mannaz Rune meaning and symbolism The Mannaz Rune symbolizes the gateway to joy. It is a great stone of light and goodness. It is a positive sign, and you can trust it. If you pick Mannaz, it demonstrates that you have confidence to pass through the gateway and happiness will follow. This Rune symbolizes a passing through a channel or tunnel of happiness. Be careful not to immerse yourself in the happiness - remember to keep balanced. If you are unable to see the joyful gateway, it is because you are afraid. It is our fears [...]

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