How to Make Your Own Set of Runes

Learn how to make your own Runes


Today we’re going to learn how to make your own set of runes. There’s many ways you can find your own stones which I’m going to show you or you can also find some at a stone shop. Today we are going to make our set of runes out of  these little mother of pearl and they’re beautiful. So what I do is here is from my Rune book but these are little excerpts every time you buy a piece of jewelry it comes with this. And we’re going to use this chart to work from. And I always do groups of five so I’m going to lay them out – one, two, three, four, five, and then I’ll just keep on going. What I will do is and I’ll put these down now this is what we’re going to do today.

These are all the rocks that you can use these are some Adventurine, here are some beautiful Big Sur Jade, which is nice. They don’t have to be shiny. If you buy them and get them out in the nature you have to wash them. Here’s some lovely they don’t even have to be smooth they just have to be the same size. When you reach inside a bag or a dish your eyes are closed. You’re not looking so it’s the size. They don’t have to even be the same color. This is raw moonstone.

So today I’m going to use these markers. I always use Sharpie markers. Oh, here are some other lovely little river rocks. This is a Rune that I did 30 years ago in Greece on a rock. This is how long it will last. Okay so I have my little book here and my first one I’m going to draw is Mannaz, Gateway of Joy, because I’m going to just follow the little chart. And I pick my little Rune up and I hold it and I’m gonna do Mannaz which is two “P”s looking at each other. And I go over them a little if I want it a little thicker and I put it down to dry my next one’s going to be the Rune of self so that’s just an X. And I lay that down. The next one is Ansuz, Unclear Love. So it’s a line and two little lines. There and I put them to dry and you kind of go on until you you finish that out. Just for fun I’ll show you on a Big Sur Jade. We’ll do… we might well I think I’m the Big Sur Jade. On a bigger rock go to a bigger pen. You don’t always have to that’s much better. Go to a bigger pen. You also if you want on a lighter one could use a different color. Here’s Sowelu, too light, it actually doesn’t work on that stone maybe if it was. There’s Sowelu. Let’s try it on Moonstone. This might work let’s see, yeah you could do a different color. I think black it seems to be the best though in the colors. And that’s how you make a Set of Runes. When you’re finished you put them in a bag, a sock, a bowl, and you’re ready to go.

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