Rune Casting Method #2

This is a rune casting method for a specific issue or situation that is immediate, but not of great significance in the big picture of your life. I love this method because it is quick, simple and clear to understand. If I have a more profound or longer term issue I would probably use the Nine Rune Combo Method. I use the Three Rune Combo and Rune A Day more often than all the other methods. This method helps me with all my very present day-to-day issues and decision making process.

Using the general method, choose the three Runes and write them down as shown in the video. (Always choose from a full set. Place your Rune back into the bag before selecting the next one). Review the three Runes and their meanings and then end your casting by choosing the fourth Rune for the final overall message or thought on the reading. The Runes like to have the last word!

Journaling is recommended for this type of casting. It will be interesting for you to see what the Runes’ tell you about the issue you were casting and compare it to how the issue was eventually resolved. If I don’t write my castings down, I don’t remember.

Featured in the video: