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Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting

Ancient Wisdom Guides Us towards Self-Discovery

[Carmel, CA, June 14, 2022] Working with intuition, the Runes become a trusted friend – a guardian angel. Iva’s new book, Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting and Card Set, will help move you towards solving the greatest mystery of all – how to guide the human heart.

Since time immemorial, the Runes have been used by people to help them understand aspects of their lives – past, present, and future. The word Rune means secret or mystery. Iva’s unique methods of casting have been enlightening to all those whom she has come in contact.

Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting

According to the author, the power of the Runes lies in their simplicity. A set of runes consists of 25 stones – each with a different mark, carrying its own particular meaning. Each Rune card illustrates one of the 25 symbols and comes complete with guidebook and keepsake box.

“Iva Winton is the torch to carry on the Rune message”.
Ralph H. Blum, author of The Book of Runes.
Rune Cards - Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting

Iva’s Rune Cards and Guidebook Set is available for purchase on: $36.00

About Iva Winton: Iva Winton has been studying the Runes since 1985. She has worked with thousands of people, teaching the Ancient Science of the Runes. More importantly, Iva has been TEACHING PEOPLE TO TEACH THEMSELVES. She is also known for her Rune jewelry and stone sets, casted in solid sterling silver, bronze, and 14k gold along with her Japa meditation rings.

Rune Cards - Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting
Rune Cards - Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting

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Book Details

Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting: TABLE OF CONTENTS

CHAPTER ONE : Why Runes are Important to You
How to make the Runes work for you by letting you search inside yourself for the answers to your questions.

CHAPTER TWO: Runes: A Guide to the Inner Self
Casting of Runes is one of the best tools for perfecting and learning to trust your sixth sense/instincts. It aligns your will with Karma and synchronicity to help you shape your own reality.

CHAPTER THREE: The New Approach to Rune Casting
In this chapter I share the knowledge and methods that comes from the idea “One Rune Symbol = One meaning.”

CHAPTER FOUR: Probability and Runes
How to select a Rune stone from a full set of Runes.

CHAPTER FIVE 37: How to Cast Your Runes
The specific types of casting methods and suggestions on how and when to use them.

A detailed description of the markings and meanings of the 25 Rune stones.

Runic Alphabet