How to Use Rune Cards

Transcript: Today I’m going to show you how to use the deck of Rune Cards in casting. So here’s my beautiful box. I wanted to create a box it was like a Keepsake, so you your cards could live. In the very top here’s the book which we’ll go through and here is the inside of the box. I always say there’s no point in having these inner voices if you don’t use them. Then I close this so here were the runes I just want to zoom in to show you how beautiful the cards are.

Okay so what I do with the cards is you always I always give them a little shuffle you always want to pick from a full deck of cards. So sometimes I go like this sometimes then I’ll spread them out. And then I’ll pick my card, put it back in, give it another little shuffle up. You always want to pick from a full deck. Spread them back out again find one that speaks to me. Gateway of joy. Put them back in and I usually as I do this write it down.

Whatever spread I’m doing, a rune a day, three rune spread, the night rune combo, when I write them down. This one jumped out. Raido, awareness new people, new situations. So that’s how simple it is. Really the card is the same thing as a rune.

The main thing is is sometimes people find these easier to travel with than their bag of stones. They’re different they both are the same just whichever one you feel comfortable with. The cards are obviously my new item and I’m kind of really loving them and hope you do too. You can purchase my Rune Cards here: