Unique Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual People

Surprise your loved ones with one of these unique spiritual gifts this season. Finding a special gift for your spiritual person is may be challenging, especially when you have no idea what kind of spiritual present it should be. No need to worry, we have some spiritual gift ideas that will surely light up your loved one.

All of these items on our list are highly recommended to be given as a spiritual gift. You will see the craftsmenship and quality are stunning, making each piece a lasting treasure. A spiritual person is not interested in the standard stocking stuffer but enjoys items with meaning. Therefore, many of these items can bring them into peaceful awareness while doing yoga or meditation every day. Other items are more idea to help us connect us to our inner voice. Whatever you choose, it always stands out as a unique spiritual gift for your beloved one. These spiritual items can greatly impact emotion, expand their minds, perspectives, and help to find inner peace.

Spiritual Gift Idea - Chakra Japa Meditation Ring

1. Chakra Japa Meditation Rings

The new Chakra Japa meditation ring features seven colors of the chakras in sparkling cubit zirconia (CZ). Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit, referring to our seven main energy centers. As the ring is turned, each color resonates with its corresponding chakra. The inner lights flash.  This is a dressed up version of our original Japa meditation ring, but still a simple, eternal design. All rings are available in solid 14k white, yellow, or rose gold, or solid sterling silver. Click here to special order!

Spiritual Gift Idea - Large Silver Rune Necklace

The Rune Necklace is sure to insight meaning, as each rune is individually casted and assembled by hand in solid 14k gold and sterling silver. A set of runes consists of twenty-five stones; twenty-four with a different symbol and one blank. Each stone has its own particular set of meanings and interpretations. A 32 page booklet, written by Iva, accompanies each rune necklace.

The runes have opened my eyes to the magic of the universe…” – by Kara (read full review here)

Spiritual Gift Idea - Reversible Tahoe Earrings

When I dream of Tahoe I see the Sun & Snow. These reversible sun and snowflake earrings were designed to capture the spirit of Tahoe. The center of the Sun is so soothing and relaxing to rub“. – Iva Winton

Tahoe captures the essence of so many places we love with the sun and snowflakes – Utah, Colorado, Vermont, Switzerland, etc.

Spiritual Gift Idea - Reversible Tahoe Earrings

Whether you are a beginner or experienced at rune casting, this gift set is perfect for those interested in connecting to their inner voice. This beautiful Rune Card Box Set comes with 25 runic cards, a 96 page guidebook “Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting” by Iva Winton.  Guidebook includes rune meanings, instructions and casting tips.

Iva Winton is the torch to carry on the Rune message”. –Ralph H. Blum, author of The Book of Runes.

Spiritual Gift Idea - Japa meditation Ring

Japa is a repetition of your Mantra. The Eastern Cultures use this ring to lead the wearer into meditation. The rings have seven bumps on them with which you can orbit around your fingers. Sometimes the ring needs to be brought over your knuckle for a super twirl. All Japa Rings are available in 14k solid yellow, rose, or white gold, or solid sterling silver.

Spiritual Gift Idea - Rune Set

The Runes have been used by people to understand aspects of their lives past, present, and future. When man first made a mark on a stone… this was your first rune. Runic alphabets are a study of Man and Language. The Runes have been used to help people find direction using their inner voice. A more thorough explanation on how can be found in Iva’s book “Be Your Own Psychic through Rune Casting“.

Spiritual Gift Idea - Rune Pendants

The runic symbols each have their own special meaning and vibration. Wear one, or three, that resonate with you. Rune pendants are available in solid sterling silver, 14K white, rose, or yellow gold.

These unique spiritual gifts are a sure way to inspire your loved one. Be sure to browse all our other jewelry collections for othe unique gifts.