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Wunjo Rune Meaning – Joy

Wunjo Rune meaning and symbolism The Wunjo Rune is a clear sign of joy and light. Whether it is a material gain, emotional gain, or a heightened sense of your own being, all is well in the world! It is the sign of light which illuminates your pathways, plans, relationships, ambitions, and desires. Wunjo has amazing energy and highlights the joy of being alive. The light brings clarity to existing plans, ambitions, and goals. Enjoy it while it lasts. If you look at the Mannaz rune which means "The Gateway of Joy", and cut it straight down [...]

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Sowelu Rune Meaning – Energy

Sowelu Rune meaning and symbolism The Sowelu Rune is the most powerful of the Runes in the energy department. Sowelu is extremely masculine-side energy. It draws energy from everything, especially the sun. This would be a good time to get things accomplished. When personal relationships or love is involved, Sowelu’s energy brings great PASSION. Remember: When this much energy surrounds you, take a step back and don’t rush into things. It is easy to be sucked in at this time. The difficulty with Sowelu is in knowing how to channel its power. This is definitely a time [...]

Inguz Rune Meaning – Partnership

Inguz Rune meaning and symbolism The Inguz Rune is influenced by the moon - that side of our nature that cares about what we need. It is a Rune with great power. Inguz’s vibration brings out the side of us that wants to share, be desired, and search after similar beings. This stone has to do with adjusting personal relationships. It is a clear sign that you now have the strength to complete a relationship. Inguz is also often picked when seeking guidance about business relationships such as contracts, partnerships, and the like. If you have been [...]

Gebo Rune Meaning – The Self

Gebo Rune meaning and symbolism The Gebo Rune indicates a partnership with oneself. It signifies a healthy spirit, one that is in harmony with the world around it. Your Yin and Yang are in balance. Gebo stands for the self and the freedom that a person finds within when he or she is a healthy, well-balanced, and grounded individual. Such a people can objectively look at their lives and assess their own strengths and weaknesses. A balanced partnership with oneself could ultimately lead to a partnership with other people. The Gebo Rune is also a confirmation [...]

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