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Raido Rune Meaning Awareness

Raido Rune meaning and symbolism This Rune indicates your relationship to your spiritual self. Seek the answers within you. Once you have thoroughly searched yourself for the answers, don’t just sit and wait for the knock on the door! Take those answers to town and open yourself up to the possibilities. Raido is also the Rune that puts you on your guard. Be especially aware during meetings, visits, chance encounters, particularly with persons you deem wiser than yourself. It symbolizes invisible antenna sensitized to meeting new people who will link you to new avenues. Raido brings [...]

Fehu Rune Meaning – Unlcear Direction

Fehu Rune meaning and symbolism Fehu often appears when you have too many choices or options. You feel divided, splintered in your energies. The Fehu rune tells you that you are in conflict – mostly within yourself. Something is built into your psyche that drives you to always try to test yourself. You push yourself in one direction, then another. Your philosophy could best be expressed as “the grass is always greener,” but, then, sometimes it is. It is natural to question your needs, desires, and direction. The choosing of this Rune is directing you to [...]

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