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Eihwaz Rune Meaning – Adverse Situations, To Make Things Happen

Eiwaz Rune meaning and symbolism Be aware-we can create our own adverse situations at times. Adverse situations enable us to grow, and change. When we are younger change occurs more easily. As we get older and become comfortable with our life patterns, our own dramas sometimes force us to move on. Personal growth also occurs when we pick Eihwaz. When choosing this Rune, a major change is indicated. The ability to foresee consequences before you act is the mark of a thinking person. Persevere – the change will be for the better. Eihwaz is the symbol [...]

Nauthiz Rune Meaning – Constraint

Nauthiz Rune meaning and symbolism Nauthiz rune is the sign of constraint – a feeling of constraint is in your life or whatever issue you were thinking about when you picked this Rune. Nauthiz is asking you to stop and think about what is going in your life and perhaps to reconsider your plans carefully. Look to the dark side of your nature. This Rune reflects the negative side of your character (don’t worry, we all have one), including your weaknesses. Do not shy away from these feelings. When you look at the constraint in your life, smile. [...]


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