Perth = Unclear Communication

This is the Rune of questioning, one of unclear communication. Making this pick usually occurs at a time when you are feeling overwhelmed by things. There may be problems or obstructions in various aspects of your life. Free yourself by using your voice. Speak up. You are not being heard. You need to communicate more clearly at this time; maybe you are not listening. Speak the truth and don’t add to the confusion that already exists. People need to know what you really are thinking. Never assume people know your thoughts. Meeting the obstacles at this time will create exhaustion. Work through it. Always take the initiative and apply open clear communication to an existing problem or situation. Don’t lose your sense of humour during this time.

Sometimes this Rune appears when you are unclear with a decision (perhaps you have not yet made up your mind). Once you are clear within yourself, make yourself clear with others. Communicate your thoughts and ideas.