Since time immemorial, the Runes have been used by people to understand aspects of their lives past, present, and future. When man first made a mark on a stone… this was your first rune . Runic alphabets are a study of Man and Language.  

Iva Winton has been casting Runes since 1985.  Her self-published Booklet/Rune sets and her unique methods of casting have been enlightening all those with whom she has come into contact. 

“The power of a symbol is like that of a painting or music – neither needs words to evoke emotion and can be felt and understood all over the world.  I  personally believe power of the Runes lies in their simplicity.  The Rujnic symbols each have their own special meaning and vibration.”    explains Iva 

A 32 page accompanies all Rune Jewelry entitled   “Secrets of the Runes”.  An expanded version of the booklet called “Be Your Own Psychic Through Rune Casting is available.